Mary Mihaly:

Author, Editor, Magazine Writer, Speaker


Whether her assignment is profiling a celebrity doctor, teaching new attorneys to conquer “writer’s block” or interviewing a hangover specialist in New Orleans, Mary Mihaly’s perspective remains the same: she is a self-employed businesswoman.

For more than 25 years, Mihaly has worked as an author, writer and editor, learning to strategize and thrive as her own boss.  Her diligence has served her well; over the years, Mihaly has published some 600 magazine and newspaper articles, authored or contributed to eight books, and worked with dozens of non-profit organizations and corporate clients, from Ronald McDonald House to Knowledge Works Foundation, Cleveland Housing Court and Ohio Dept. of Tourism.

She has written for most of the country’s most prestigious magazines and newspapers, including Reader’s Digest, Continental, House Beautiful, Miami Herald, New York Post, Robb Report, Nature Conservancy, Seventeen, Country Living, Playboy, Yoga Journal, and Christian Science Monitor.

Her most recent books, The 250 Questions Every Self-Employed Person Should Ask and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Demystified, have brought positive reviews across the country.  She has visited more than 70 countries on assignment, including Egypt, Colombia, Chile, China and Uzbekistan.  In addition, Mihaly is a certified feng shui practitioner and maintains a small consultancy, New Paradigms~Feng Shui.

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